Q: When are the application deadlines?
We have two application deadlines per year: March 15th and September 15th.

Q: Who is eligible for funding?
The Douty Foundation funds 501(c)3 designated nonprofits or organizations with a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor that further the Foundation’s mission.

The Douty Foundation does not provide grants to individuals, political, fraternal and/or civic programs, other foundations, and generally does not provide support for capital or endowment campaigns. Additionally, the Foundation does not support annual appeals or special event sponsorship requests.

Q: How do I apply?
The Douty Foundation prefers online application submissions but will accept postal mailed applications postmarked by the deadline date.

Q: What are the Douty Foundation’s grantmaking priorities?
The Douty Foundation focuses its grantmaking on:

• Organizations that provide or promote educational opportunities, particularly for youth;
• Organizations that demonstrate roots in the community;
• Organizations that are willing to take risks in terms of program delivery or the development of solutions to community needs or problems;
• New ideas

Within these areas, the Douty Foundation seeks to support organizations that foster equitable opportunities for children and youth, that demonstrate a commitment to community engagement, education and grassroots leadership. Please be sure to clearly demonstrate in your application how your work connects to Douty’s mission.

Q: Will the Douty Foundation accept proposals for after-school or summer programs? Is there a separate application process as there was in the past?
The Douty Foundation will accept and consider proposals for after-school and summer programs through the regular application process. There is no longer a separate deadline or application process. Organizations may apply for an after school or summer program as part of a larger application or as a stand-alone request for the March 15 or September 15 deadlines.

Q: If my application is rejected in September, may I apply again in March?
No. We ask that organizations submit only one application within a 12 month period. If your application is denied in September, please wait until at least the following September. Likewise, if your application is denied in March, please wait until the following March.

Q: Does my organization’s budget size affect my chances of receiving funding?
Yes. The Douty Foundation prefers funding organizations with budgets of $1 million or less. While organizations with budgets of over $1 million are not automatically excluded, the probability of their receiving funding is low. The foundation receives more applications each year than can possibly be funded, and preference will be directed toward smaller organizations. The request should not exceed 10% of the budget of the applicant organization.

Q: What if my organization operates under the umbrella of a larger organization?
The Douty Foundation will consider the budget of the applicant organization, not its fiscal sponsor. For example, if your organization falls under the umbrella or sponsorship of a university and operates as an independent entity, your organization’s budget will be considered, not the university’s budget. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact the foundation.

Q: How do multi-year grants work?
The Douty Foundation Board of Directors determine which organizations will receive multi-year funding. Factors involved with their decision making include: 1) the organization has been funded by The Douty Foundation for at least 3 years; 2) the organization is in good standing with the foundation. Multi-year grants range from $4,000 to $7,500 per year for up to 3 years.

Q: Can I receive multiple years of consecutive grants?
Yes. Organizations may receive a maximum of six consecutive years of grants after which organizations must take off two years before re-applying. This allows the foundation to learn about and work with other organizations in the community.

Q: Will the Douty Foundation consider making emergency grants?

Q: Who makes the grant decisions?
The Foundation’s Board of Directors make all grant decisions.

Q: Can the Board make discretionary grants?

Q: Will the Douty Foundation conduct a site visit? And if so, what should I expect?
The Foundation conducts site visits to gain a deeper understanding of an organization’s work. Site visits are typically requested of new applicants, when organizations experience a leadership transition or other significant change, and when organizations are being considered for a multi-year grant.

The Foundation does not seek an elaborate tour, luncheon or program during a site visit. Rather, the foundation is interested in a meaningful conversation with the organization’s leadership, staff, and program participants, if appropriate, for a visit of 60 minutes. A site visit does not guarantee funding. If a site visit is requested, the Foundation will contact your organization by email or in writing to schedule the visit.

Q: How soon after the deadline can I expect to learn the Board’s decision?
Eight to ten weeks.