About Us

About Us

Alfred and Mary Douty established the Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation on December 28, 1968. Alfred Douty died in 1971, but Mary, known as Polly, served as a Trustee until her death in 1988. In 1972, Polly stated that she and Alf preferred an orientation toward education, and in 1973 the Trustees discussed the philosophy of the Foundation and attitudes toward grantmaking and affirmed that:

  1. The purpose of the Foundation is to make grants of an educational nature.
  2. The Trustees wish that the support of the Foundation will make an impact and, accordingly, favor smaller organizations.
  3. Preference is for organizations that lack vast resources and contacts.
  4. Limitation to Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

The Trustees acknowledged the need to keep refining this philosophy. Reviewed annually, these principles serve as the primary philosophy of the Foundation today. While decades old, they continue to be contemporary and applicable. Throughout the years, the Trustees, and now the Board of Directors, none of whom have been family relations, have worked hard to maintain the spirit of Polly and Alfred Douty.

Board of Directors and Staff:

Jennifer Leith, Executive Director
Ms. Leith joined the Douty Foundation in 2012. She has many years of experience in the nonprofit community, both as a grantmaker and a grantseeker. Ms. Leith also spent two years in Mauritania, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She is currently co-Chair of Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia’s Small Funders Roundtable and is a Board member of the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center in Philadelphia.

Judith L. Bardes, Board member
Carrolle Perry Devonish, Board member
Peter Gonzales, Esq., Board member
Thomas B. Harvey, Esq., Treasurer, Board of Directors
Nancy J. Kirby, Chair, Board of Directors
Elbert Sampson, Board member
Ludy Soderman, Board member

Please contact Jennifer Leith with questions: Jennifer@doutyfoundation.org  or 215-620-1869.